Here is the Hare’s Tail original collection of designs that I have gradually created from different sources of inspiration since Hare’s Tail started. I like to think of the designs here as part of my original and established collection, available to everyone in the colours shown, or any other colours that might be chosen from my colour range.

One of the most important aspects of Hare’s Tail designs is the adaptability of each fabric. One thing I love as a designer, is being able to collaborate and create with clients and designers to make the perfect design for them. Whether they see a border and a block that would work together for them, an original design but in a lighter shade of blue, or want to add something they feel would perfectly compliment an original design but just add that little something. 

This is the variety and fun of a Hare’s Tail fabric: you really can make it your own, and I think that is something very special. After all, Hare’s Tail started because I wanted my own special design for the curtains in the drawing room of our house, and this is something I want to offer to all of you too. 

Fabrics are printed to order so please expect a two to ten week delivery time. Due to the nature and rarity of the sheets, printing cannot start until payment has been made.








New Collection




The personal and unique features of the sheets used (many being vintage French sheets) allows each piece to be one-of-a-kind. Tailored to your every need, they can become whatever you desire, whilst still maintaining their bespoke vintage feel.

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