About Me

My dedication to collecting vintage sheets and fabrics has been longstanding. This can also be said for my interest in style and design.

As an Italian who grew up in Rome, a city well known for both its antiquity and vibrancy as well as its awe-inspiring art, my early experiences have proved essential to my work as an artist and a designer. What I have endeavoured to achieve in my work is a combination of Italian and English style.

When I moved to the English countryside, my enthusiasm for gardening and nature really began to develop. Designing the garden at home was one of my first self-motivated projects and, since then I have taught myself many more skills by learning from others, and trial and error.  

My obsession with the garden was not the plants themselves, but the forms they created. The vegetable garden was and still is my absolute passion. Shapes of vegetables fascinate me. I started recreating them with clay and what captivated me was how they turned out looking nothing like the original vegetable but instead assumed their own identity. To this day, natural shapes and plant forms play a very important part in my designs.

When I moved to Shropshire there were still a few things missing in the house. A lack of curtains on the windows became an incentive to do something. I finally unpacked fabrics and vintage sheets that I had been collecting for years and got to work. I enrolled in a natural printing course at the Chelsea Physic Garden. Here I learnt basic printing methods which focused on creating prints using nature - leaves, branches and ferns straight from the garden. With this initial understanding of printmaking, I began to develop and improve my skill. I then enrolled on more courses on block printing, carving, repeat patterns and fabric ink.

My first complete sheet became our kitchen tablecloth, and since that small victory all the curtains are up and the spark is still very much alight. I am now very pleased to share my fabric collection - an organic and wholesome range of fabrics inspired by nature and form. 


My philosophy

Hare’s Tail started simply as a need for curtains in my own home. Yet even from the beginning my aim has been to up-cycle fabrics and engage with our local community, and now these factors remain two of my core values. 

One of the stand out qualities is the unique texture of each sheet, a symbol of their history, antiquity and fabulous quality. Instead of creating new fabrics, we delight in up-cycling vintage sheets in a bid to promote sustainability. Not only is this environmentally beneficial, but the combination of the ink and the rich fabric match perfectly resulting in a distinctive and high-quality feel found no where else. 

My second foundation is to maintain localised production. I achieve this simply by designing, printing and creating all of our fabrics here in Shropshire.


Intellectual Property Statement

All copyright, design rights and intellectual property rights existing in our designs and products and in the images, texts and design of our website/marketing material are and will remain the property of Hare's Tail Printing. We will treat any infringement of these rights seriously.

Hare's Tail Printing is proud to be a member and support the aims and objectives of the trade organisation ACID (Anti Copyright in Design). All Hare's Tail Printing designs are supported by Acid through their Copyright & Design Databank and ACID Marketplace

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